Integrating Practices That Benefit Wildlife With Crops Grown for Biomass in Missouri

This MU Extension guide describes management practices that can be conducted in fields used for biomass production to benefit wildlife. It also provides information to help landowners make informed decisions on enhancing habitats on surrounding areas of their property while producing crops for biomass.

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2021 Conference videos – Missouri State Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health

Watch video recordings of this virtual conference, held December 14th and 15th, 2021. Sessions include: Welcome and opening remarks with Scott Edwards, MO NRCS State Conservationist Farmer Panel 1: Farmer experiences with cover crops in Missouri –with Dr. Rob Myers and producers Johnny Hunter, Kate Lambert, Liz Graznak and Cecil Harness Boosting soil health...

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This handout offers advice to integrate pollinator habitats within your farming systems.

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Using Cover Crops to Improve Water Quality

This resource discusses how cover crops can can improve water quality by reducing erosion, runoff, and leaching by improving soil health.

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Cover Crops: A Cost-Effective Tool for Controlling Erosion

This resource disccuses the costs of soil erosion and explains how cover crops and reduced tillage can limit erosion before it begins by protecting soil from raindrops and increasing infiltration.

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COVER CROPS IN THE US: Current status and trends

In the last decade, we’ve seen remarkable growth of cover cropping use in every crop-producing region of the US1.  According to the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture, over 150,00 farms reported using cover crops. Here, we provide an overview of cover cropping trends in the US, with a few key statistics and figures that illustrate...

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Selecting Plants for Pollinators: A Regional Guide for Farmers, Land Managers, and Gardeners

In the Ecological Region of the Prairie Parkland Temperate Province Including the states of: Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri and parts of: Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota

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Finding solutions

Just like your clients, you may find this whole area of regenerative agriculture a bit complex because there are so many different ideas about what works. Start by picking a particular practice to develop your expertise in and seek out your own experiences, taking particular advantage of opportunities to hear from farmers having success...

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New business opportunities

Many farm advisors, whether working as independent consultants or for larger companies, are finding new business opportunities related to soil health and regenerative agriculture. Depending on the type of business you have, you might find there are new services you can be providing your clients. Examples of such opportunities include: Providing soil health sampling...

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Cover crops pay

A national report on cover crop economics by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program showed that cover crops typically have a net cost for the first couple of years but by the third year of use are breaking even on average. After the third year, well-managed cover crops can generally provide...

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