How Regenerative Agriculture and Diversity Saved the Hemme Family Farm

The Hemmes believe in the power of diversity, both in terms of the plants and animals on the land and the markets they channel their product through. The family has built their brand with cheese, but regenerative agriculture has helped them realize the opportunities are endless for new enterprises.

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Agroforestry: Forest Farming

This video created by the Center for Agroforestry describes forest farming practices, wherein high-value speciality crops are grown under the protection of a managed forest canopy modified to provide the appropriate shade level.

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Agroforestry: Alley Cropping

This video created by the Center for Agroforestry describes alley cropping, the practice of planting rows of trees at wide space, which creates alleyways where agricultural, forage, or horticultural crops can be produced, thus creating a diversity of income sources on your farm.

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Agroforestry: Windbreaks

This video created by the Center for Agroforestry describes windbreaks, the simple act of reducing soil speed which can slow soil erosion, improve crop yields, increase livestock gain in winter, keep snow drifts out of feed lots, increase calf survival, and improve wildlife habitat. This video discusses the benefits of field and livestock windbreaks,...

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Agroforestry: Riparian Buffers

This video created by the Center for Agroforestry describes riparian forest buffers, natural or re-established streamside forests made up of tree, shrub, and grass plantings. They buffer non-point source pollution of waterways from adjacent land, reduce streambank erosion, protect aquatic environments and enhance wildlife. Learn the basics of establishing a riparian buffer practice and...

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Agroforestry: Silvopasture

This video created by Mizzou’s Center for Agroforestry describes silvopasature, the intentional combination of trees, forage and livestock managed as a single practice. This video discusses the benefits of sivolpastoral practice, looks at planning and design considerations, and presents key management requirements to implement a succesful silvopastoral practice.

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Be a Friend to Pollinators

Animal pollinators are essential to reproduction for 35% of the world’s food crops ,but they are disappearing. This animation explains what individuals can do to help pollinators in their own communities, and describes the varieties of pollinators.

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Living Soil: A Documentary

Innovative farmers and soil health experts from throughout the U.S. reveal the importance of feeding and renewing out soils in this 60 minute documentary.

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