Using Farm Bills for Pollinator Conservation

A guide to pollinator practices eligible for federal funding. Some practices have changed in the most recent Farm Bill.

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Vegetative Barriers for Erosion Control

This publication highlights current strategies for incorporating vegetative barriers into a soil conservation program

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Manage insects on Your Farm

A SARE guide on managing insects using ecological strategies.

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Cover Crop Economics

A SARE publication on the economic returns from cover cropping: grazing, crop yields, input costs, and incentive payments.

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Missouri’s Wild and Managed Pollinators

This publication introduces issues regarding the conservation of pollinators in Missouri. It explores why pollinators are crucial, what major threats confront them, what conservation steps are being taken, and how you can help. It highlights bees over other pollinators as bees are the most important for both agricultural and natural pollination in Missouri.

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Field Borders for Agronomic, Economic and Wildlife Benefits

This bulletin from MU Extension discusses the benefits of agronomic, economic, and wildlife benefits of using field borders on your land. 

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Establishing and Managing Riparian Forest Buffers

This Agroforestry in Action guide is intended to help you design and manage the interactive agroforestry practice of Riparian Forest Buffers. 

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Sunflowers: A Versatile Native Crop

Learn about the versatility of sunflowers. This bulletin discusses: Uses of sunflower Place of sunflowers in crop rotation Varieties Planting Pest management Harvesting Markets, economics and crop insurance

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Cover Crops in Missouri: Putting Them to Work on Your Farm

Learn about integrating cover crops on your farm in Missouri with this MU Extension bulletin.  This bulletin discusses: Cover crop options Fitting cover crops into your rotation Planting cover crops Terminating cover crops Making money off of cover crops

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Growing Millets for Grain, Forage, or Cover Crop Use

Learn about growing millets for grain, forage, or cover crop use in this MU Extension bulletin.  This bulletin discusses: General observations on millets as cover crops Pearl millet Foxtail millet Proso millet Japanese millet Browntop millet Finger millet Other grass crops sometimes referred to as millets Marketing millets

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