New business opportunities

Level of Expertise: Intermediate,

Topics: Cover Crops, Soil Health and Building Soil Carbon, Grazing Systems,

Many farm advisors, whether working as independent consultants or for larger companies, are finding new business opportunities related to soil health and regenerative agriculture. Depending on the type of business you have, you might find there are new services you can be providing your clients. Examples of such opportunities include:

  • Providing soil health sampling and/or test result interpretation, along with management guidance
  • Selling cover crop seed or native seed and/or providing guidance to farmers on types of cover crops or other conservation plantings that can be done
  • Setting up leases with conservation provisions
  • Providing the service of seeding or terminating cover crops, or installing biodiverse plantings such as pollinator mixes or native grasses for buffer strips
  • Helping connect farmers to carbon payment programs
  • Designing plans for managed intensive grazing, including water and fencing systems

The above ideas are just a few of the many potential business opportunities with regenerative agriculture approaches. Consider what you can do in your business to most effectively help your farmer and landowner clients with information and management guidance on these topics.

New business opportunities

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