The conference is scheduled for Tuesday (12/13) 9am-12pm and Wednesday (12/14) 9am-12pm. Breakout rooms will be held on Wednesday at 11am.

Conference Agenda

Welcome and opening remarks

Missouri NRCS State Conservationist, Scott Edwards, will give opening remarks on NRCS efforts with cover crops and soil health.

Farmer experiences with cover crops in Missouri

This panel of innovative Missouri farmers features focus on specific cover crop practices various producers are using to improve soil health. Speakers include:

  • Cecil Harness from Harness Farms (New Hartford, MO)
  • Johnny Hunter from Castor River Farms, (Dexter, MO)
  • Kate Lambert from Uptown Farms (Laclede, MO)
  • Liz Graznak from Happy Hollow Farm (Jamestown, MO)

Boosting soil health with cover crops

Dr. Abbey Wick is an Associate Professor and Extension Soil Health Specialist at North Dakota State University.

Benefits of grazing cover crops

Dr. Ashley Conway from University of Missouri offers insights on grazing livestock on cover crops from her research and facilitates a panel discussion with farmers leading the way in these practices. The panel includes:

  • Dave Haubein from Haubein Farms (Lockwood, MO)
  • Mac Kincaid from Kincaid Farms (Jasper, MO)
  • Josh Payne from Payne’s Farms (Concordia, MO)

Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Director Sarah Parker-Pauley

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Director Sarah Parker-Pauley will share remarks on MDC’s new state-wide cover crop initiative.

Soil health measurement and the Soil Health Assessment Center (SHAC) at Mizzou

Dr. Jordon Wade speaks on services offered by University of Missouri’s Soil Health Assessment Center (SHAC). Dr. Wade is an Assistant Professor of Soil Health at the University of Missouri and the Director of SHAC.

Incentive programs to support cover crops

Representatives from Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR), USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) describe their agency’s support and incentive programs to help producers and landowners integrate cover crops and other regenerative practices into their agricultural systems. Speakers include:

  • Jim Plassmeyer (DNR)
  • Susan Mammen (NRCS)
  • Lisa Potter (MDC)

The Center for Regenerative Agriculture at Mizzou

Dr. Kelly Wilson gives an overview of Mizzou’s Center for Regenerative Agriculture resources and activities to support farmers, farm advisors, researchers, private companies, and consumers.

Breakout sessions include

  • Herbicide considerations with cover crops – Kevin Bradley, MU Extension
  • Tips on managing cover crops successfully – Abigail Peterson, IL Soybean Association
  • Revitalizing the soil microbial community in degraded soils – Kristen Veum, USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
  • Turning a profit with cover crops –Rob Myers, MU Center for Regenerative Agriculture, USDA-NIFA North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program
  • Soil carbon programs for Midwest farmers – Darrick Steen,  Missouri Soybean Association/Missouri Corn Growers Association & Sarah Sellars, University of Illinois
  • Selecting cover crops: Updated resources & cover crop strip trial results – Charles Ellis, MU Extension

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