Introduction to regenerative agriculture concepts

Level of Expertise: Introductory/Overview,

Topics: Cover Crops, Soil Health and Building Soil Carbon, Biodiversity, Pollinators, Grazing Systems, Diversified Cropping and Agroforestry, Buffer Strips, Nutrient Management, No-Till and Reduced Disturbance,

Besides the information offered on this website, there are many places to get more information on regenerative agriculture. For someone just getting familiar with this topic or some of the most common approaches of regenerative agriculture, certain videos or articles may be helpful. We particularly recommend:
Living Soil – A one-hour documentary film on how farmers of all types across the U.S. are using cover crops and soil health practices to improve their farms. Available for free-streaming on YouTube.
What is Regenerative Agriculture – This is a short 4-minute independently-produced video that uses animation to illustrate a few of the many approaches that can be used in regenerative agriculture, including no-till, managed grazing, and agroforestry.

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