Improving land value

Level of Expertise: Introductory/Overview,

Topics: Cover Crops, Soil Health and Building Soil Carbon, Biodiversity, Pollinators, Grazing Systems, Diversified Cropping and Agroforestry, Buffer Strips, Nutrient Management, No-Till and Reduced Disturbance,

You can get assistance with designing conservation approaches and other regenerative practices on your farm through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), university extension, relevant state conservation agencies, and in some cases private not-for-profit conservation organizations. It helps to develop an overall plan for your farm and implement new practices in a stepwise fashion. Certified conservation planners are available in some states and can help you develop an achievable plan that works for you and your farmer tenant. More and more landowners are coming to realize there is long-term value in improving the health of your soil and implementing conservation and regenerative practices on your farm. Not only will these changes pay off over time in terms of the productivity of the soil, but in some regions this also adds to the sale value of the land, should your family ever decide to sell part of the property. Like many landowners, you may find that implementation of regenerative practices adds to your enjoyment of the farm when visiting and provides a sense of satisfaction in knowing your land is being preserved for the next generation.

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