Government programs

Level of Expertise: Introductory/Overview,

Topics: Biodiversity, Buffer Strips, Cover Crops, Diversified Cropping and Agroforestry, No-Till and Reduced Disturbance, Nutrient Management, Pollinators, Soil Health and Building Soil Carbon,

There are a wide range of federal programs offered to assist farmers and landowners with financial and/or technical assistance. Most of these are offered through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), particularly through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) or the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). Check with your local county NRCS office for information on these federal programs. Some states also offer incentive programs for cover crops or other regenerative approaches, typically through the state conservation agency, natural resources department, or department of agriculture. Some government programs will provide a flat rate payment, such as a $50 payment per acre to plant cover crops, while other practices are cost-shared, where the farmer or landowner pays part of the cost and the rest is subsidized by the government program.

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