Finding solutions

Level of Expertise: Intermediate,

Topics: Biodiversity, Buffer Strips, Cover Crops, Diversified Cropping and Agroforestry, Grazing Systems, No-Till and Reduced Disturbance, Nutrient Management, Pollinators, Soil Health and Building Soil Carbon,

Just like your clients, you may find this whole area of regenerative agriculture a bit complex because there are so many different ideas about what works. Start by picking a particular practice to develop your expertise in and seek out your own experiences, taking particular advantage of opportunities to hear from farmers having success with regenerative approaches. There are now a wealth of recorded farmer presentations online through YouTube and other sources, including NRCS, university, and NGO websites. As you build up your expertise, you may find some new ideas you can try out with selected clients and that creates some rewarding joint projects for you and them.

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