An increasing number of farmers are seeking guidance on how to implement regenerative practices on their farms.  Here’s some tips on how you can help your clients:

  • Connect your client to other farmers who have had success with the practice being considered; it’s ideal if they are nearby but even another farmer an hour or two away can be a good resource to your client.
  • Find out what’s motivating their desire to change or what their core farming values are.  For some, it may be leaving the land in better shape for the next generation, others may be more focused on reducing a specific problem they’ve recently experienced like soil compaction or fields that suffered in challenging weather.
  • Outline a step-wise process for testing out and implementing a new practice so it’s not an all or nothing change.  Encourage experimentation but keep the risk within reason in terms of acreage impact or cash outlays.
  • Go with your client to a field day or presentation on soil health or other aspect of regenerative ag; it can create a good opportunity for discussion.
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