This handout offers advice to integrate pollinator habitats within your farming systems.

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Cover cropping for pollinators and beneficial insects

Flowering cover crops can fulfill their original purpose as a conservation practice while at the same time providing valuable forage for wild bees and beneficial insects. This added benefit can be significantly enhanced with some fine-tuning of management practices and thoughtful plant selection. This 16-page bulletin will help you use cover crops to encourage populations of pollinators and beneficial insects...

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Be a Friend to Pollinators

Animal pollinators are essential to reproduction for 35% of the world’s food crops ,but they are disappearing. This animation explains what individuals can do to help pollinators in their own communities, and describes the varieties of pollinators.

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Xerces Resources for Working Lands

The Xerces Society is a nonprofit dedicated to insect conservation.

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NRCS Insects and Pollinators

Find resources about insect and animal pollination from NRCS.

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Missouri’s Wild and Managed Pollinators

This publication introduces issues regarding the conservation of pollinators in Missouri. It explores why pollinators are crucial, what major threats confront them, what conservation steps are being taken, and how you can help. It highlights bees over other pollinators as bees are the most important for both agricultural and natural pollination in Missouri.

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Cover Crop Impacts on Pollinators

An overview of how cover crops and management practices can benefit pollinators.

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