Agroforestry: Silvopasture

This video created by Mizzou’s Center for Agroforestry describes silvopasature, the intentional combination of trees, forage and livestock managed as a single practice. This video discusses the benefits of sivolpastoral practice, looks at planning and design considerations, and presents key management requirements to implement a succesful silvopastoral practice.

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Establishing Mixtures of Native Warm-Season Grasses and Forbs

This guide is a companion to MU Extension publication G9422, Integrating Practices That Benefit Wildlife With Crops Grown for Biomass in Missouri. The guide provides information to help landowners and property managers make informed decisions on enhancing wildlife habitats while producing crops for biomass. Information in that guide provides an overview of how plant composition...

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Grazing with Wildlife Management

Information from MDC on how native warm season grasses can benefit livestock and wildlife.

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Grazing Cover Crops: A How-To Guide

This how-to guide is an introduction to farmers and ranchers interested in learning more about the benefits and practices of grazing cover crops.

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Missouri Department of Conservation Agricultural Resources

Information on how to make farmland for wildlife.

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USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

Visit the SARE website for sustainable agricultural resources as well as grant opportunities for farmers and educators.

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NRCS Soil Health Resources

The National Resource Conservation Service, part of the US Department of Agriculture, has numerous resources pertaining to soil health at national and localized levels.

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SARE Outreach YouTube channel

This YouTube channel from the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program provides short videos on a wide range of topics related to sustainable agriculture, with many of the videos being farmers talking about new practices or approaches they have tried on their farm.

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Agroforestry Training Manual

A detailed handbook covering all the difference agroforestry practices, including riparian buffers, windbreaks, silvopasture, and forest farming.

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Cover Crop Economics

A SARE publication on the economic returns from cover cropping: grazing, crop yields, input costs, and incentive payments.

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