2021 Conference videos – Missouri State Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health

Watch video recordings of this virtual conference, held December 14th and 15th, 2021. Sessions include: Welcome and opening remarks with Scott Edwards, MO NRCS State Conservationist Farmer Panel 1: Farmer experiences with cover crops in Missouri –with Dr. Rob Myers and producers Johnny Hunter, Kate Lambert, Liz Graznak and Cecil Harness Boosting soil health...

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Examples of regenerative agriculture

The exact mix of regenerative approaches appropriate to a farm varies depending on what is being produced and the goals of the farmer and landowner. Soil and climate conditions can also impact what farming practices make sense. For farmers growing commodity crops or annual fruits and vegetables, some common regenerative approaches can include: Cover...

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Catalyzing more regenerative agriculture

The food, clothing, and beverage choices made by consumers all have an impact on the future direction of agriculture, in part by shaping demand that guides industry investments. Most of the major food and agriculture companies in the U.S. are putting a greater emphasis on sustainable and regenerative approaches, and some of the clothing...

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Introduction to regenerative agriculture concepts

Besides the information offered on this website, there are many places to get more information on regenerative agriculture. For someone just getting familiar with this topic or some of the most common approaches of regenerative agriculture, certain videos or articles may be helpful. We particularly recommend: Living Soil – A one-hour documentary film on...

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Improving land value

You can get assistance with designing conservation approaches and other regenerative practices on your farm through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), university extension, relevant state conservation agencies, and in some cases private not-for-profit conservation organizations. It helps to develop an overall plan for your farm and implement new practices in a stepwise...

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Why support regenerative agriculture

With so many labels being applied to food these days, including organic, GMO-free, free-range, pasture-based, etc., it can be confusing for consumers to make food choices. Regenerative agriculture has become one of the fastest growing trends to hit the food industry and for good reason. Farmers and consumers alike are coming to value the...

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Integrating crops and livestock

Whether you have your own livestock or can partner with a neighbor who does, you may find it profitable to set up grazing on some of your crop fields. Most often, this involves grazing cover crops in late fall and/or early spring. Some of the “cereal grain” type cover crops such as cereal rye,...

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Finding solutions

Just like your clients, you may find this whole area of regenerative agriculture a bit complex because there are so many different ideas about what works. Start by picking a particular practice to develop your expertise in and seek out your own experiences, taking particular advantage of opportunities to hear from farmers having success...

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New business opportunities

Many farm advisors, whether working as independent consultants or for larger companies, are finding new business opportunities related to soil health and regenerative agriculture. Depending on the type of business you have, you might find there are new services you can be providing your clients. Examples of such opportunities include: Providing soil health sampling...

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Helping your clients

An increasing number of farmers are seeking guidance on how to implement regenerative practices on their farms. Here are some tips on how you can help your clients: Connect your client to other farmers who have had success with the practice being considered; it is ideal if they are nearby but even another farmer...

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