Midwest Cover Crop Training Modules

These 11 training modules on cover crop selection, management, economics, and related topics are a resource for farm advisors and educators.  Each module consists of a PowerPoint slide set with accompanying instructor notes for each slide.  They were created as part of a project supported by the Walton Family Foundation.  The modules have been...

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2021 Conference videos – Missouri State Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health

Watch video recordings of this virtual conference, held December 14th and 15th, 2021. Sessions include: Welcome and opening remarks with Scott Edwards, MO NRCS State Conservationist Farmer Panel 1: Farmer experiences with cover crops in Missouri –with Dr. Rob Myers and producers Johnny Hunter, Kate Lambert, Liz Graznak and Cecil Harness Boosting soil health...

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How Regenerative Agriculture and Diversity Saved the Hemme Family Farm

The Hemmes believe in the power of diversity, both in terms of the plants and animals on the land and the markets they channel their product through. The family has built their brand with cheese, but regenerative agriculture has helped them realize the opportunities are endless for new enterprises.

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Establishing Mixtures of Native Warm-Season Grasses and Forbs

This guide is a companion to MU Extension publication G9422, Integrating Practices That Benefit Wildlife With Crops Grown for Biomass in Missouri. The guide provides information to help landowners and property managers make informed decisions on enhancing wildlife habitats while producing crops for biomass. Information in that guide provides an overview of how plant composition...

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Missouri Department of Conservation Agricultural Resources

Information on how to make farmland for wildlife.

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Agroforestry Training Manual

A detailed handbook covering all the difference agroforestry practices, including riparian buffers, windbreaks, silvopasture, and forest farming.

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Field Borders for Agronomic, Economic and Wildlife Benefits

This bulletin from MU Extension discusses the benefits of agronomic, economic, and wildlife benefits of using field borders on your land. 

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Cover Crops in Missouri: Putting Them to Work on Your Farm

Learn about integrating cover crops on your farm in Missouri with this MU Extension bulletin.  This bulletin discusses: Cover crop options Fitting cover crops into your rotation Planting cover crops Terminating cover crops Making money off of cover crops

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