Benefitting from buffers and diversity

All types of farms, fields, and pastures can benefit from plant diversity. Diversity can break pest and disease cycles as well as reduce weed pressure. In row crop fields, it typically is not effective to grow more than one cash crop together at a time for harvest and production reasons; however there are other...

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Finding solutions

Just like your clients, you may find this whole area of regenerative agriculture a bit complex because there are so many different ideas about what works. Start by picking a particular practice to develop your expertise in and seek out your own experiences, taking particular advantage of opportunities to hear from farmers having success...

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Helping your clients

An increasing number of farmers are seeking guidance on how to implement regenerative practices on their farms. Here are some tips on how you can help your clients: Connect your client to other farmers who have had success with the practice being considered; it is ideal if they are nearby but even another farmer...

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Communicating the essentials

There are so many choices with some regenerative practices that it can be a bit overwhelming for farmers and landowners alike. We suggest you work with your clients by starting simple, such as taking an individual field or pasture and doing some trials to see what works for them. Very importantly, connect your clients...

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Conservation Buffers

This manual provides over 80 illustrated design guidelines for conservation buffers are synthesized and developed from a review of over 1,400 research publications. Each guideline describes a specific way that a vegetative buffer can be applied to protect soil, improve air and water quality, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, produce economic products, provide recreation...

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Prairie STRIPS

Learn about Iowa State University’s initiative to add prairie strips into crop fields.

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Riparian Buffers

Read the Center for Agroforestry’s information on protect water quality and limiting erosion with riparian buffers

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Using Farm Bills for Pollinator Conservation

A guide to pollinator practices eligible for federal funding. Some practices have changed in the most recent Farm Bill.

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Vegetative Barriers for Erosion Control

This publication highlights current strategies for incorporating vegetative barriers into a soil conservation program

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Manage insects on Your Farm

A SARE guide on managing insects using ecological strategies.

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