Missouri Prairie Foundation: Prairie Strips

Missouri Prairie Foundation: Prairie Strips

This Missouri Prairie Foundation’s resource on explains the benefits of prairie strips and offers resources on how to establish them on your land, including how the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) can support adoption.

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Riparian Buffers

Read the Center for Agroforestry’s information on protect water quality and limiting erosion with riparian buffers

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Conservation Buffers

This manual provides over 80 illustrated design guidelines for conservation buffers are synthesized and developed from a review of over 1,400 research publications. Each guideline describes a specific way that a vegetative buffer can be applied to protect soil, improve air and water quality, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, produce economic products, provide recreation...

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Prairie STRIPS

Learn about Iowa State University’s initiative to add prairie strips into crop fields.

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Vegetative Barriers for Erosion Control

This publication highlights current strategies for incorporating vegetative barriers into a soil conservation program

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Field Borders for Agronomic, Economic and Wildlife Benefits

This bulletin from MU Extension discusses the benefits of agronomic, economic, and wildlife benefits of using field borders on your land. 

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Establishing and Managing Riparian Forest Buffers

This Agroforestry in Action guide is intended to help you design and manage the interactive agroforestry practice of Riparian Forest Buffers. 

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